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ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd utilise state of the art abrasive blasting equipment specifically designed for safety, speed and quality. We believe our commitment to provide a bespoke service is of paramount importance to the final outcome of each project worked. ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd prides itself in being one of the very few officially accredited Sponge-Jet contractors in the UK as well as using the standard abrasives required for shot blasting.

Health and Safety issues are of primary importance to us. We have robust and well managed procedures, and work in full compliance with both our and our clients’ health and safety policies. ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd complies with the Health & Safety act 1974. All our employees receive on-going training and assessments in their respective roles. Systems are constantly reviewed and monitored for legislation changes and best practises.

Grit Blasting

Grit blasting media is available in a wide range of particle size from 16 through to 500. A common particle size used for turbine work is 200/220.

Sponge Blasting

Sponge systems clean, selectively strip paint (and remove contaminants) and achieve profiles from 0 to 100+ microns (4+ mils).

Sponge blasting has become more successful than the conventional abrasive blasting. Sponge media is a clean, dry, low dust, reusable technology, saving time and money, whist being more environmentally friendly.

Thermal Zinc Spray Metallisation

ABC apply thermal zinc spray metallisation in accordance with EN ISO 2063 either as a standalone corrosion protective treatment or as part of a duplex system with organic high build paint coatings for more corrosive application environments.

Thermal zinc spraying is commonly used as an alternative to galvanising and typical application thicknesses are in the range 100 – 300 µm and a sealer coat is applied for added corrosion protection.

High Performance Coatings Services

ABC have extensive experience of applying high build coating systems (single and two pack) for corrosion protection on steel, aluminium and where necessary stainless steel surfaces. The systems typically include chlorinated rubber (CR), epoxy (EP), epoxy glass flake (EPGF), Vinyl Ester (VE) and polyurethane (PU) materials that are applied in accordance with client specifications. ABC carry out their coating work to the highest quality in accordance with International standards such as EN ISO 8501, EN ISO 12944 and Norsok M501 and all operatives are familiar with the key requirements for assessment of quality in relation to surface preparation and coating application.

Remediation of Corroded Equipment

ABC have extensive experience of workshop renovation and repair of corroded equipment such as pumps and valves using proprietary thermoset based filler materials and high durability coating systems. Technical staff can also work with clients to offer guidance and advice on the development of solutions and suitable repair specifications for such work.

Polishing and surface preparation

Hand polishing and surface preparation is commonly used for more intricate work, which is harder to reach with the blasting nozzles.

Blade smoothing, polishing & blending

A bespoke polishing technique specifically developed by ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd, to return surface finish to the specific OEM surface finish . This is proved to increase efficiency and save operators money.

Quality and Flexibility

ABC possess a range of instrumentation for checking the quality of all stages of coating application work. Instrumentation includes surface profile gauges, Testex tape, Bresle patch tests, wft and dft gauges and holiday testing equipment. Operatives are trained in the use of such equipment and are familiar with the relevant international standards for coating quality assessment and working to specifications. ABC can tailor work programmes to suit individual client needs and are always striving for improved ways of working without compromising the safety and the quality of work undertaken.

Our testimonials

"I would also take this opportunity to thank you and your men for the help in working together developing and implementing the process, and for your flexibility in meeting our challenging demands for time and duration to meet out outage timetables."

James K - UK
DRAX - Senior Engineer - Turbine Engineering

"The team that worked on this project have one an excellent job and worked tirelessly and diligently to achieve the end result. It was an absolute please to work with them on site, I shall have no reservation in recommending their services in the future."

Senior Engineer
DRAX - Turbine Engineering

"Frank and his crew has been doing a great job here and is highly recommended if you need to make use of their services in the future. One of the specialized services they supply is Thermal Zinc spraying on tubes and shafts to build up eroded/corroded areas."

TÜV Rheinland - South Africa
Regional Office Manager

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